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Lyonhart Charms with Dylanish Folk Rock
By Jim Clark (publisher)
The Times Herald Record, 2002

I knew straight-away I'd like Charles Lyonhart. He has a framed photo of a young Dylan at Woodstock displayed in his home. He's played at the Bitter End in New York City, where my bud Steve Forbert and other folkies I've known have played. And he's been in my seat, reviewing records, for publications like Rolling Stone.

He writes about the underbelly of the American dream, the stuff Dylan and Springsteen cut their teeth on. Charles got his break when asked to play at the Woodstock 25th Anniversary concert in 1994. After that performance he was quickly signed to Continuum Records, and two of his songs were placed on the album "New Music from Woodstock New York", which sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.

The secret was out and in 1997 Charles released his debut, "Leap of Faith", to fan and critical praise.

His richly orchestrated melodies and piercing lyrics haunt that special place in the soul that few singer/songwriters enter. With the release of "Down To the Hard Line", I have little doubt Charles Lyonhart will soon travel in circles with Greg Brown, Bill Morrrisey, James McMurtry and other seasoned folk rockers.

My personal favorites are "New Moon," "Any Price for Sleep," and the blistering title cut, "Down To the Hard Line."

You may have a bit of trouble locating this disc, but don't despair — try


We are sad to report that Charles passed away in the summer of 2021. I am his website developer and will post more news as I receive it.

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