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“Charles Lyonhart is a truly inspiring artist. His melodies both haunt and energize; his eloquent lyrics — intense, ironic, sharp-arrow true — reflect rare depths of human experience as well as a resilient and ultimately trimphant spirit.”
— Myra Friedman, Author "Buried Alive"
Authorized Janis Joplin Biography

“Lyonhart sings of life and relationships, injustice and irony, desperation and triumph, striving and betrayal, folly and achievement...having a stash of unreleased Lyonhart tunes is like having a private treasure.”

— Irv Yarg, The Woodstock Times

"Welcome To The Third World" written by Charles Lyonhart & Marty Kupersmith. Here is Marty's version of a tune we wrote together. As relevant now as ever!"


Put the Roar back in the Lyon's Heart.
There is nothing more Charles would like to do than to have his health back; to be able to work and to sing and perform again. With a little bit of help from all his friends and loved one's - we could make this dream a reality...